About Canady Art

The National Alliance of Artists was founded on May 19,2000 on the campus of Morris Brown College in Atlanta,Georgia.

From the eleven (11) Charter Members, the organization has grown to include more than 60 ex- ceptionally talented visual artists from various parts of the country. However, our goal is not embedded in numbers, but in current and quality art production, and for the desire for artists to gain exposure as teachers, scholars and mentors to the promising art majors attending our HBCUs. By the same token, our under- taking is even broader. Historically, art programs at HBCUs have worked independent of each other, holding exhibits, confronting local issues, training students, and preparing curriculums. Conversely, our group remains close, meets annually to share information about current technology and scholarships, and re-introduce present and past art legends who have established traditions at our great institutions.

Historical Overview of NAAHBCU by Dr. Lee Ransaw

Executive Board Members
Chair - Dr. Lee Ransaw
Phillip Dotson
Dr. Peggy Blood
Marvette Aldrich
Tewodross Melchishua

President - Dr. Peggy Blood
Vice President - Tewodross Melchishua
Treasurer - Marvette Aldrich
Historian - Dr. Lee Ransaw
Public Relations - Ann Johnson
Secretary - Zelana Davis
Parliamentarian - Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.



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